Thursday, 30 October 2014

Seven bands perfect for Halloween

The clocks have gone back, the trees are shedding their reddening leaves and the air has a chill once more. It's that time of year again when the masses carve out a pumpkin, dress up and partake in a weekend of getting shitfaced in the name of horror. Here are seven bands with a sound perfect for Halloween.

7. Cinema Strange - Strange indeed, this deathrock band have an edgy sound that creeps up behind you, perfect for adding that extra atmosphere to your Halloween.

6. Blutengel - The English translation of their name is blood angel. With beats as fast as heart of someone as teeth pierce their neck, they have plenty of tracks perfect for anyone wanting to rave to the grave this weekend.

5. Nox Arcana - Their music is inspired by Gothic literature and they have a deeply atmospheric and haunting sound - it's even used in theme parks, plays and films.

4. Inkubus Sukkubus - This pagan band has a back-catalogue devoted to all things supernatural and creatures of the night, their music will add a mystical touch of magic to your Halloween.

3. Cradle Of Filth - Richmond's (IT Crowd) favourite band. They're not literally a cradle of filth, though: "Oh, no! That would be horrible," he says. They're still horrible enough for Halloween though.

2. Type O Negative - These Gothic doom masters make the list at number two. With a morbid sense of humour at the heart of their sound, all of their songs are apt for Halloween but here's their no.1 - Black No.1. 

1. Theatres Des Vampires - Haunting choirs and pulsating pipe organs combined with a passion for all things bloody make a horror orientated sound rivalled by no other. Their live shows are always a bloody affair, and in the past lead singer Sonya Scarlet was almost banned from performing in England for using the real thing.