Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Single Review: K-Bereit - A Forest

Here we have yet another cover of The Cure's classic - A Forest. Opening slowly with retro lo-fi synth sounds that emulate those of the early 80s, it slowly builds up before unexpectedly dropping into a fast beat. Featuring a groaned, not quite singing vocal style that has become common in EBM, it follows the basic structure of the original in a club-friendly form before tapering off into something that doesn't resemble it at all. By this point the synth sounds have lost that retro feel and simply feel cheap. It's not a particularly strong cover of A Forest and is probably destined to join the rest of the floor-clearing covers that only make people long for the real thing more.

Side-B starts off much stronger with a driving psychedelic synth sound, however as the track goes on it gets weaker. The vocals are the best feature on the release, they're strong and very distinctive throughout. Structurally it's sound, but the production and quality of the synth sounds leaves a lot to be desired. You're either going for an old-school sound or you're not, leaving it somewhere in the middle just makes it sound rushed and unfinished.